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Performance Analysis and Optimization Workshop, Oslo, 11-2 June 2024

Course organisation

Course materials

Materials will follow as the course progresses

Due to copyright issues some of the materials are only available to current LUMI users and have to be downloaded from LUMI.

Note: Some links in the table below are dead and will remain so until after the end of the course.

Presentation slides recording
Introduction / recording
Architecture, Programming and Runtime Environment slides recording
Exercises #1 / /
Performance Analysis with Perftools slides recording
Improving Single-Core Efficiency slides recording
Application Placement slides recording
Demo and Exercises Part 1 slides recording
Demo and Exercises Part 2 slides recording
AMD Profiling Tools Overview & Omnitrace slides recording
Exercises #2 / /
Introduction to Omniperf slides recording
Exercises #3 / /
MPI Optimizations slides recording
Exercises #4 / /
I/O Optimizations slides recording
Exercises #5 / /
Appendix: Links to documentation / /

Making the exercises afer the course


The exercise material remains available in the course archive on LUMI:

  • The PDF notes in /appl/local/training/paow-20240611/files/LUMI-paow-20240611-Exercises_HPE.pdf

  • The other files for the exercises in either a bzip2-compressed tar file /appl/local/training/paow-20240611/files/LUMI-paow-20240611-Exercises_HPE.tar.bz2 or an uncompressed tar file /appl/local/training/paow-20240611/files/LUMI-paow-20240611-Exercises_HPE.tar.

To reconstruct the exercise material in your own home, project or scratch directory, all you need to do is run:

tar -xf /appl/local/training/paow-20240611/files/LUMI-paow-20240611-Exercises_HPE.tar.bz2

in the directory where you want to work on the exercises. This will create the Exercises/HPE subdirectory from the training project.

However, instead of running the or scripts that only work for the course as they set the course project as the active project for Slurm and also set a reservation, use the and scripts instead, but first edit them to use one of your projects.


See the notes at each session.

There is no guarantee though that the software that is referred to on the system, will be there forever or will still work after an update of the system.


The software and exercises were tested thoroughly at the time of the course. LUMI however is in continuous evolution and changes to the system may break exercises and software