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Overview of LUMI trainings

Organised by LUST in cooperation with partners

Regular trainings

Most recently completed main training events:

Other recent LUST-organised trainings for which the material is still very up-to-date and relevant:

LUMI User Coffee Break Talks

Archive of recordings and questions

Recent courses made available by LUMI consortium partners and CoEs

Course archive

LUST-provided regular trainings

By theme in reverse chronological order:

Courses made available by LUMI consortium partners and CoEs

Information for local organisations

The materials in the GitHub repository Lumi-supercomputer/LUMI-training-materials and all materials linked in this web site and served from that are presented by a member of LUST are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license. This includes all of the material of the LUMI 1-day trainings series.

Presentations given by AMD of which some material can be downloaded from this web site and from are copyrighted by AMD, or in cases where AMD is using material available in the public domain (e.g., for exercises), licensed under the source license for that material. Using AMD copyrighted materials should be discussed with AMD.

All presentation material presented by HPE is copyrighted by HPE and can only be shared with people who have an account on LUMI. Therefore that material is not available via this web site and can only be accessed on LUMI itself.