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LUMI 1-day training May 2023


Setting up for the exercises

  • Create a directory in the scratch of the training project, or if you want to keep the exercises around for a while after the session and have already another project on LUMI, in a subdirectory or your project directory or in your home directory (though we don't recommend the latter). Then go into that directory.

    E.g., in the scratch directory of the project:

    mkdir -p /scratch/project_465000523/$USER/exercises
    cd /scratch/project_465000523/$USER/exercises
  • Now download the exercises and un-tar:

    tar -xf exercises-20230509.tar.gz

    Link to the tar-file with the exercises

  • You're all set to go!


Presentation Slides Notes recording
Introduction / / recording
LUMI Architecture slides notes recording
HPE Cray Programming Environment slides notes recording
Modules on LUMI slides notes recording
LUMI Software Stacks slides notes recording
Exercises 1 / notes /
Running Jobs on LUMI slides / recording
Exercises 2 / notes /
Introduction to Lustre and Best Practices slides / recording
LUMI User Support slides / recording