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LUMI-G Training, January 11, 2023

Course overview


Other material only available on LUMI

The following materials can only be found on LUMI and are only accessible to members of project_465000320:

  • Introduction to the Cray EX Hardware and Programming Environment on LUMI-G
    • Slides: /project/project_465000320/slides/HPE/01_Intro_EX_Architecture_and_PE.pdf
    • Recording: /project/project_465000320/recordings/01_Intro_EX_Architecture_and_PE.mp4
  • Running Applications on LUMI-G
    • Slides: /project/project_465000320/slides/HPE/02_Running_Applications_and_Tools.pdf
    • Recording: /project/project_465000320/recordings/02_Running_Applications_and_Tools.mp4
  • Introduction to AMD ROCmTM Ecosystem
    • Recording: /project/project_465000320/recordings/03_Introduction_to_the_AMD_ROCmTM_ecosystem.mp4
  • Exercises are in /project/project_465000320/exercises



Some of the exercises used in the course are based on exercises or other material available in various GitHub repositories: