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HPE and AMD profiling tools (November 2022, 2023)


For each session, the schedule also contains a link to the page with downloadable materials and the recordings.

10:15   Welcome and introduction
Presenter: Jørn Dietze (LUST)
10:25 HPE Cray PE tools introduction
Presenter: Alfio Lazzaro (HPE)
12:00 lunch break (60 minutes)
13:00 AMD ROCmTM profiling tools
Presenter: Samuel Antao (AMD)
14:45 break
15:05 Hands-on with examples or own code
16:30 Close

Course organisation


Extra downloads:

  • Perfetto, the "program" used to visualise the output of omnitrace, is not a regular application but a browser application. Some browsers nowadays offer the option to install it on your system in a way that makes it look and behave more like a regular application (Chrome, Edge among others).

Some of the exercises used in the course are based on exercises or other material available in various GitHub repositories: