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LUMI support and LUMI documentation

Presenter: Jørn Dietze (LUST)

Additional materials

  • Slides (PDF)

    Also on LUMI in /appl/local/training/peap-q-20221123/files/13_LUST_User_Supprt.pdf.


  1. Will porting calls be available just for academic users? What about (potential) industrial users?

    • There are other EuroHPC inititiaves that specifically aim to support industrial users (like the national competence centres). An industrial project for the LUMI porting program could be considered if it is open research and the software is then publicly available for all (and I think without a big license cost).
    • Good to know. Thanks for answering. I guess industrial users can always pay for porting if they wish to keep their software private.
    • Indeed, but then the problem on our side would still be personpower. The payment could of course be used to hire additional people on our side, but that is also not always easy. I also don't know how much AMD and/or HPE would charge for their part in the support.
  2. If I think I may need level-3 support is it still recommended to go through LUMI service desk?

    • Hard to tell. At the moment we ourselves have no clear view on all the instances giving Level-3 support. If a ticket would end up with us we would do an effort to refer to the right instance, but the reality is that we hope there is already a lot more than we see. I am pretty sure that some centres are already offering some support to some of the users of their country without much contact with us.
    • I guess to be clearer. Would LUST like to be kept 'in the loop' regarding these problems or is it more effort than necessary for LUST to forward these tickets to local centres?
    • It would be nice for us to be in the loop as we can learn from it, but the reality is that it turned out to be difficult to integrate ticketing systems to make that easy and that the communication with some local teams is decent but is totally absent with others so we cannot efficiently pass things to the local centres. That is a communication problem that LUST and the LUMI project management needs to solve though.