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Advanced Performance Analysis part 2

  • Slide file in /appl/local/training/peap-q-20221123/files/08_advanced_performance_analysis_part2.pdf

  • Recording in /appl/local/training/peap-q-20221123/recordings/08_advanced_performance_analysis_part2.mp4


  1. If perftools runs on CLE/Mac/windows where can we get it/ find install instructions?

    • Only apprentice2 and reveal are available as clients on mac/windows (basically the user interface components to interpret the collected data). These should be self-installing executables. Like *.dmg on a MAC.
    • You can download the apprentice install files from LUMI (look at the info box above question 23)
  2. I managed to install apprentice2 on my MAC. How can I connect to Lumi? I need to provide a password, but when connecting to Lumi via the terminal I just pass the local ssh key...

    • There is no password access enabled, you have to setup ssh in a way that it is being picked up by apprentice
    • It should work if you have a ssh config file with the hostname, username and identity file for lumi. Can you connect to lumi with just ssh lumi?
      • Yes, I can connect to lumi with just ssh lumi. However: apprentice2, open remote with host prompts for a password


The exercises are in the perftools subdirectory.