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Advanced Performance Analysis part 1

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  1. I downloaded and installed "Apprentice2" under Windows. Even if I am able to connect to LUMI via SSH, I am not able to open a remote folder with Apprentice2 (connection failed). Is it something special to configure (I added the ssh keys to pageagent and also added a LUMI section in my ~/.ssh/config)?

    • I think you will have to copy the files to the laptop as Windows has no concept of a generic ssh setup for a user as far as I know.
    • Kurt I'd have to check when I can get access to a Windows machine (as my work machine is macOS), but Windows 10 and 11 come with OpenSSH and can use a regular config file in the .ssh subdirectory. And that could allow to define an alias with a parameter that points to the keu file. Windows 10 and 11 also have a built-in ssh agent equivalent that Windows Open?SSH can use.