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Introduction to Perftools

  • Slide file in /appl/local/training/peap-q-20221123/files/06_introduction_to_perftools.pdf

  • Recording in /appl/local/training/peap-q-20221123/recordings/06_introduction_to_perftools.mp4


  1. Can perftools-lite also be used with the gcc compilers?

    • yes, there is support for all the compilers offered on the machine.
    • the 'loops' variant only works with CCE as it needs extra information from the compiler.
  2. Can perftools also output per-MPI-rank timings or only (as shown in the presentation) averaged over all processes?

    * you can get per rank timings in the text output with appropriate options to pat_reoprt. Conversely, you can have a look at apprentice2 which has a nice way of showing per-rank timings.
    • there is an option pe=ALL that will show timings per rank/PE
  3. The output of the statistics will tell you the name of the subroutine, line number, will it also tell you the name of the file where this is from ?

    • with the -O ca+src option to pat_report you can get the source information.


The exercises for this session are in the perftools/perftools-lite subdirectory.

Apprentice2 and Reveal downloads

With perftools-base loaded (and it is loaded by default), you can also find the Apprentice2 downloads in $CRAYPAT_ROOT/share/desktop_installers or $CRAY_PERFTOOLS_PREFIX/share/desktop_installers. Copy them to your local machine and install them there.