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Welcome and introduction

Presenters: Kurt Lust (LUST)

Additional materials

  • Slides (PDF)

    Also on LUMI in /appl/local/training/peap-q-20221123/files/00_LUST_Course_intro.pdf.


  1. Do you know the current allocation per country ? (I wonder how much Belgium contributes to LUMI)

  2. What do you mean the training project? like ssh to lumi? or the puhuri portal?

    • Yes, there is a small allocation on LUMI associated with the course (i.e. yo can log in with SSH and run jobs). We send out an email on Monday with the puhuri link to join the training project. This is a different project from the one you may have from a project from EuroHPC or your national allocation. Please use this project only for the exercises, not to run your own code or we will run out of our allocation for the course.
    • The information on how to join was sent out a few days before the course. We will mention the project number and slurm reservation before we start the exercises.