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cpeGNU toolchain

Available options

The cpeGNU toolchain supports the common toolchain options, the additional GCC flags and some additional Cray-specific flags, two of which are really just redefinitions of standard compiler flags.

GCC-specific flags

Option Categorie What?
loop parallelism Automatic loop parallellisation
f2c source Generate code compatible with f2c and f77
lto code generation Enable Link Time Optimization

cpeGNU-specific flags

Option Categorie What?
dynamic code generation Generate dynamically linked executable (default: True)
mpich-mt parallelism Alternate Cray-MPICH library for MT support (default: False)
gfortran9-compat source Add flags that improve compatibility with gfortran 9 for 10 and higher (default: False)

mpich-mt: Directs the driver to link in an alternate version of the Cray-MPICH library which provides fine-grained multi-threading support to applications that perform MPI operations within threaded regions. (default: False)

Two further options trigger different compiler flags than in the GCC toolchain: verbose and optarch but have otherwise the same meaning.

Mapping of options onto compiler flags

Compiler optimization level

The common options translate into:

Option Flag
noopt -O0
lowopt -O1
defaultopt -O2 -ftree-vectorize
opt -O3

Other optimization-related options (and see also parallelism below):

Option Flag
unroll -funroll-loops
optarch TODO

Floating point precision

Option Flag
strict -mieee-fp -mno-recip
precise -mno-recip
defaultprec -fno-math-errno
loose -fno-math-errno -mrecip -mno-ieee-fp
veryloose -fno-math-errno -mrecip=all -mno-ieee-fp

Other floating-point optimisation and accuracy-related flags:

Option What?
ieee -mieee-fp -fno-trapping-math
Option Flag
vectorize False: -fno-tree-vectorize
True: -ftree-vectorize
loop -ftree-switch-conversion -floop-interchange -floop-strip-mine -floop-block
openmp -fopenmp
usempi No compiler flags
mpich-mt -craympich-mt

Code generation and linking options

Option Flag
dynamic No flag as this is currently the only mode supported
32bit -m32
debug -g
pic -fPIC
packed-linker-options Pack the linker options as comma separated list (default: False)
shared -shared
static -static
rpath Use RPATH wrappers when --rpath is enabled in EasyBuild configuration (default: True)
Option Flag
cstd -std=%(value)s
i8 -fdefault-integer-8
r8 -fdefault-real-8
f2c -ff2c

Miscellaneous options

Option Flag
verbose -craype-verbose