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License information

The lumi-container-wrapper module implements the Tykky package from CSC for LUMI. Tykky is licensed under the MIT License, a copy of which can be found in the LICENSE.txt file in the source repository.

User documentation

The lumi-container-wrapper module provides a port of the CSC Tykky tool.


Pre-installed modules (and EasyConfigs)

To access module help and find out for which stacks and partitions the module is installed, use module spider lumi-container-wrapper/<version>.


Technical documentation

The lumi-container-wrappar, aka tykky, tool is developed at CSC Finland by Henrik Nortamo.


As this is an in-house developed tool, there is no support in the standard EasyBuild repositories used on LUMI.

To ensure that users would be using the default cray-python version for every LUMI stack, it was decided to install the tool separately in CrayEnv and the common partition of every LUMI stack. For the versions in the LUMI stacks the version of cray-python is hard-coded in the EasyConfig and module file so that cray-python is force-reloaded in the right version. The version for CrayEnv simply loads the default version or works with whatever version of cray-python that is already loaded when the module is loaded.

Version 0.3.1

  • New version for LUMI after the March 2023 update, now using a base image based on SUSE 15 SP4.

  • The EasyConfigs are a trivial port of the ones developed before.

  • Note: The 0.3.2 distribution was meant for the Finnish national systems and lacks the proper configuration file for LUMI so was skipped.

Archived EasyConfigs

The EasyConfigs below are additonal easyconfigs that are not directly available on the system for installation. Users are advised to use the newer ones and these archived ones are unsupported. They are still provided as a source of information should you need this, e.g., to understand the configuration that was used for earlier work on the system.