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License information

HipSYCL is licensed under a BSD 2-Clause Simplified License. See the LICENSE file in the GitHub repostory.

User-installable modules (and EasyConfigs)

Install with the EasyBuild-user module:

eb <easyconfig> -r
To access module help after installation and get reminded for which stacks and partitions the module is installed, use module spider hipSYCL/<version>.


Technical documentation


  • No support in the EasyBuilders repository at the time of writing.

  • No support in the CSCS repository at the time of writing.

Version 0.9.4 for cpeAMD/22.12

  • Version of hipSYCL for AMD toolchain with default rocm/5.2.3 version.

  • Avoid using cc and CC wrappers with AMD programming environment at this version while it confuses CMake.

  • This version should replace any other based on GNU toolchain which results in dynamic libraries incosistency (OpenMP runtime).

Version 0.9.4 for cpeGNU/22.08

  • Version bump of hipSYCL/OpenSYCL based on the previous configuration 0.9.3, it also uses the LUMI custom rocm/5.3.3 module.

Version 0.9.3 for cpeGNU/22.08

  • This EasyConfig is contributed by Jørgen Nordmoen, USIT, University of Oslo.

  • Note that the module will also set an environment variable that sets the hipSYCL target architecture to the architecture of the MI250x GPU. Hence it will not work without modifications on the older MI100 GPUs!