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License information

The cotainr package is disributed under the European Union Public License 1.2, a copy of which can be found in the LICENSE file in the cotainr GitHub repository.

User documentation

Extensive user documentation for cotainr is available on ReadTheDocs. There is also some LUMI-specific information on the Singularity page in the main LUMI documentation.

The cotainr package is developed by the LUMI consortium member DeiC (Denmark).

Several modules are available on LUMI, depending on the environment that you're using:

  • In CrayEnv the cotainr modules will use whatever version of cray-python is the default, which depends on other modules you may have loaded and can also change after system updates.
  • In LUMI software stacks the version of cray-python that matches the version of the software stack will be used. This is also reflected in the version part of the name of the module.

Pre-installed modules (and EasyConfigs)

To access module help and find out for which stacks and partitions the module is installed, use module spider cotainr/<version>.


Technical documentation


The cotainr tool is an internal development of DeiC and currently not in the EasyBuilders or CSCS repositories.

A sample EasyConfig is provided in the README file in the cotainer GitHub.

Version 2023.01.0 for CrayEnv

  • The EasyConfig is a development of DeiC and the LUMI User Support Team.

  • The specific version of cray-python is left open in this version of the module.

Version 2023.01.0-cray-python- for LUMI/22.08

  • The EasyConfig is a development of DeiC and the LUMI User Support Team.

  • In accordance to practices for the LUMI software stacks, a specific version of cray-python is loaded (corresponding to the one used in this version of the software stack).

Version 2023.11.0-cray-python- for LUMI/22.12

  • Trivial port of the EasyConfig for 2023.01.0-cray-python-

Version 2023.11.0-20240529-AIcourse CrayEnv

  • Port of the EasyConfig for 2023.01.0 for CrayEnv, updating to a newer version of cotainr and changing the base image for lumi-g (keeping the old one available as lumi-g-classic for users who want to reproduce previous builds).

Version 2023.11.0-20240529-AIcourse-cray-python-3.10.10 for LUMI/23.09

  • Modification of 2023.11.0-cray-python- for the Cray Python version of 23.09, and with the base images used in the AI course of May 2024 in Copenhagen.